Luzon The Israeli Center For Leak And Water Damage Detection

Luzon The Israeli Center For Leak And Water Damage Detection is the most advanced and highly certified Israeli company in the field of leaks detection and removal. Our services are available nationwide including Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv, Eilat and other cities. Luzon specialists use sophisticated equipment to locate water leaks. At Luzon we use non-intrusive equipment and offer top notch service, going strong for over twenty years. Company’s founder, Mr. Meir Luzon is an experienced professional with over 35 years of experience in the field and relevant education. Over the years he personally had solved complicated problems in thousands of households, commercial and private buildings. Amongst his clients: Israeli Police, Ministry of Defence, Rami Levy, Osher Ad, Peretz Bonei HaNegev, Teva, Bank of Israel and many others. He is directly involved in all company operations and to this day provides unique solutions to house owners and insurance companies with utter most devotion.
In addition to water leak detection our company offers training courses and certification for professionals that wish to extend their expertise to the field of water detection. The Israeli Water Damage Center Luzon services various government and commercial bodies, several homes for the elderly, giant corporations, insurance companies and all others and gives best value to its clients. Luzon company acts as a supervising body on construction and repair sites using advanced technology and equipment: thermal and pipe cameras, sewage and plumbing inspections, complete apartment and building survey, plug test and much more.

Our Services

Non-intrusive leak detection

Any building subject to leaks and moisture needs to be examined by non-compromising professionals. Our technical savvy and experience will provide you with the best solutions.

Neighbors mediation

We solve your problems with the neighbors by providing with detailed reports which credibly determine where does the leak come from.

Legally valid reports

At Luzon we issue reports that include a full description of your case, best practice solutions and offer full warranty and supervision making these reports admissible at the court of law.

Team of experts

Once our experts reveal all the leaks and flaws of your property a team of highly qualified professionals will arrive shortly in order to eliminate every possible issue under strict supervision and in compliance with the inspection results.

Check before you buy

When you purchase a piece of property for a substantial amount of money – do you completely trust your realtor? Let Luzon check every part of your future home (ceiling, walls, floors, staircases...) before you move your family in.

Water sampling

It is always difficult to determine where does the leak come from and at times it seems nearly impossible. By sampling the water we can precisely determine what kind it is – rain, sewage, in-house waterline...


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